Canada’s Plan to Help Hong Kong Residents Immigrate to Canada

It’s no secret that Canada appreciates newcomers interested in moving to Canada, as it inflates economic growth. Canada will continue to be the world’s leading destination for talent, capital and jobs, inviting these people with open arms, especially those from Hong Kong.

In recent months, there have been numerous protests over the approval of the extradition bill that allows, in certain circumstances, to hand over suspected criminals to mainland China. Many have proposed that this risky exposure would give China greater influence over Hong Kong and could have a direct impact on activists, journalists and students. The Hong Kong government has repressed these people, causing them to flee the country quickly.

How Canada will Support Hong Kongers

On November 12, 2020, Minister Marco Mendicino announced new measures that will attract Hong Kong students and youth to live in Canada by offering a new open work permit and expanding their pathways to permanent residence. In addition to accepting more refugees into Canada, his plan is being implemented for the Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023 that will encourage recent Hong Kong graduates and those with essential work experience to choose Canada as a place to study, work. and live. Along with this plan, Medincino also mentioned that existing programs will be enhanced to support Hong Kong residents currently in Canada.

New Pathways for Hong Kong Youth

Canada, recognizing the talents and skills that many Hong Kong students and graduates can bring to the Canadian economy and workforce, the IRCC has announced a new initiative that enables Hong Kong residents in Canada or abroad to study Newly completed post-secondary students apply for an open work permit that can be valid for up to 3 years.

Obtaining an open work permit will allow residents to visit or stay in Canada and gain valuable work experience. To continue this experience, a new path to permanent resident status is now being created for Canadian residents in Hong Kong who meet specific eligibility criteria. This new route will be available in 2021 and the criteria will include minimum levels of language and education and 1 year of work experience in Canada.

The government also agreed to expedite study permit applications for those who are eligible to study in Canada. There has already been an increase in applications for study permits from Hong Kong residents in 2020 and Canada will continue to expand this opportunity.

For Canadians in Hong Kong

During Medincino’s briefing on plans for Hong Kong residents in Canada, he also assured that all Canadians currently in Hong Kong can return and that all necessary documentation will be expedited followed by a 14-day quarantine upon their arrival.

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