How to Immigrate to Canada as a Lawyer

Canada seeks qualified workers to meet the needs of the countries’ labor market. Professions, including lawyers, are people who may have a chance waiting for them in Canada. If you are currently a lawyer in your home country, you will need to convert your qualifications and experience to meet the requirements of Canadian lawyers.

Job Description (NOC 4112)

An attorney will represent and guide clients in civil or criminal proceedings and present evidence for their defense. Attorneys conduct research on legal matters and are qualified to interpret laws, regulations, and judgments. They also draft legal documents such as wills, deeds, contracts, lawsuits, and resources.

Salary Average: $73k – $125k CAD

Canadian Lawyer Requirements

To start your career as a lawyer in Canada, you will need a 2- to 4-year undergraduate program and a doctorate / law degree from a recognized law school. Then, you must complete an articulation period, a bar admissions course and an exam, and obtain your license in the province / territory in which you plan to work. You may need to complete an evaluation process that shows local employers that you are eligible for employment.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the system for those who wish to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers. Express Entry is a points-based system that classifies you within the Express Entry group. If invited, people can migrate through employment and obtain permanent residence.

Your CRS Express Entry score is based on the following:

Education level
Linguistic competence
Work experience

Let’s find out your CRS Express Entry score!

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Provincial Candidate Programs are also known as PNPs and are a great option if you want to settle in a particular province / territory. A PNP allows a province to designate a qualified immigration worker in its province based on criteria established by the government of that province.

Are You Interested in Migrating to Canada as a Lawyer?

Immigration to Canada through employment is not a completely simple process. The laws are a bit complex and for this reason it helps to work with an immigration professional to help you.

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