How to Immigrate to Canada as a Petroleum Engineer

If you are currently a petroleum engineer in your home country and are interested in moving to Canada, you may have opportunities waiting for you there! Petroleum engineer occupations are currently in demand across the country and have always sought qualified workers to enhance Canada’s economic growth.

Job Description (NOC 2145)

A petroleum engineer is responsible for designing the drilling equipment and planning the methods and techniques used to extract oil and gas from onshore and offshore reserves. Tasks typically include recommendations on drilling efforts based on cost, effort, and feasibility evaluated against yields.

Salary Average: $97k CAD

Similar Occupations Include:

  • Oil, Gas and Chemical Products Supervisors, Processes and Services – NOC 9212
  • Central control and process operators, oil, gas and chemical processes – NOC 9232

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Canadian Petroleum Engineer Requirements

To be a petroleum engineer, you must have a degree in petroleum engineering or a related engineering discipline. Depending on the job, a master’s or doctorate may be required. Then, you will need to have a license from a provincial or territorial association to approve engineering drawings, construction reports, and practice as a professional engineer (P.Eng.). A license from a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers and reports is required to approve engineering drawings and practice as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) Engineers can enroll upon graduation from an accredited educational program. After three to four years of supervised work experience in engineering and passing a professional practice exam.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the system for those who wish to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers. Express Entry is a points-based system that classifies you within the Express Entry group. If invited, people can migrate through employment and obtain permanent residence.

Your CRS Express Entry score is based on the following:

Education level
Linguistic competence
Work experience

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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Provincial Candidate Programs are also known as PNPs and are a great option if you want to settle in a particular province / territory. A PNP allows a province to designate a qualified immigration worker in its province based on criteria established by the government of that province.

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