Immigration to Canada as a Heavy-Duty Mechanic

Are you currently working and experienced as a heavy mechanic and also interested in immigrating to Canada? We have wonderful news for you! Canada regards heavy duty mechanics as highly skilled workers who qualify people for many Canadian programs such as the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program.

Job Description (NOC 7312 – Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics)

A heavy equipment mechanic has many responsibilities, but his main job is to inspect trucks, cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment to verify that they are working properly. They then diagnose any faults and adjust the equipment and replace faulty parts. This work can be done throughout Canada as in any other country.

Salary Average: $70,036 CAD per year

Canada Heavy Duty Mechanic Requirements

To work in Canada as a heavy duty mechanic, there are several requirements to qualify for a work visa. First are the requirements of your job:

Generally, you must complete high school.
Typically, you must complete a 3-5 year apprenticeship program or cover 4 years of work in the heavy equipment repair industry.
Depending on the province you are moving to, you may need to provide a certification from a regulatory authority before working. Your attorney or immigration professional will be able to help you with this step.

Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada to Perform Heavy Duty Mechanics

  1. Hire an immigration attorney: There are many paperwork and requirements for those who wish to work and live in Canada, especially if you are looking to practice mechanics. An immigration attorney will help you organize these documents and requirements to find the best path for Canadian immigration.
  2. Find out which province you want to reside in – Depending on which province you want to move to, will determine the requirements you must meet to practice heavy mechanics in Canada.
  3. Obtain professional certification and license – Depending on the province you decide to live in, you may need to provide a certain certificate or license to start your job.

Visa Options for Foreign-Born Heavy Duty Mechanic Immigrating to Canada

Since heavy mechanics are currently in high demand in Canada, there are many ways to immigrate to Canada as a mechanic. Here are some of the more popular ways to do it:

Express Entry

The Canada Express Entry Program is for skilled workers who wish to relocate to Canada. To be considered eligible for this program, your employment must be grouped into skill level 0, A, or B. Heavy mechanics can apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which is administered by the system Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Program

This program allows you to immigrate to Canada if you are a skilled or semi-skilled worker and have a valid job offer needed in a particular province or territory. Each province or territory has its own PNP with lists of required occupations designed to meet the individual needs of its labor market. This will require the submission of an expression of interest for relocation to the relevant region.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is similar to the Provincial Candidates Program described above. It is intended for qualified individuals who know which province they would like to settle in when they arrive in Canada and assuming the province is one of the four participating provinces in this immigration pilot project.

This program aimed to address the labor shortage in the four Atlantic provinces; Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. All professions in the medical health sectors are in high demand in Atlantic Canada. If you have a valid full-time job offer in one of the four provinces listed above, you can apply for permanent residence at the same time you apply for a Canadian work permit.

Are You Interested in Migrating to Canada as a Heavy Duty Mechanic?

Immigration to Canada is not a completely simple process. The laws are a bit complex and for this reason it helps to work with an immigration professional to help you.

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