Immigration to Canada as a Merchandiser

Are you interested in immigrating to Canada and currently working and have experience as a retail and wholesale merchant / buyer in your country? This are good news! Canada is looking for people with similar skills and experience as traders.

Job Description (NOC 6222 Retail and Wholesale Buyers)

Retail buyers are responsible for planning, managing, selecting, and purchasing goods and merchandise sold in retail stores. Retail and wholesale buyers are sometimes called merchants. The greatest job opportunities for merchants will be in cities, as there are more stores to maintain. The salary of a merchant varies depending on where a retail buyer will work in Canada.

Salary Average for Retail and Wholesale Buyers in Canada: $47,000 CAD per year

Types of jobs that fall under NOC 6222:

  • appliance buyer
  • assistant buyer
  • buyer – retail
  • buyer – wholesale
  • chief buyer
  • clothing buyer
  • food buyer
  • merchandiser
  • produce buyer
  • taster and buyer, beverages

Canadian Merchandiser Requirements

There are minimum requirements to work in Canada as a retail buyer. Most of the requirements for a trader are based on skills rather than education.

High school completion required.
Typically a college degree or a college degree in economics, marketing, or a related program is required.
Prior work experience in retail or wholesale establishments is generally required.

There are several paths that a merchant can take to immigrate to Canada.

Express Entry

The best option for merchants looking to move to Canada is to apply through Express Entry. Express Entry is a points-based system that classifies you within the Express Entry group. If invited, people can migrate through employment and obtain permanent residence.

Your CRS Express Entry score is based on the following:

Education level
Linguistic competence
Work experience

Let’s find out your CRS Express Entry score!

Canada Is a Great Place to Live

Canada is a great country to live in as a retail buyer. The country’s major cities (i.e. Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary) are among the most livable cities in the world. There are many reasons for this.

For one thing, the people are generally friendly, there are lots of open spaces, and many of the cities are full of large parks. Canada’s largest cities have more parks than many other large cities in the world, due to the abundance of space. Calgary was even voted the cleanest city in the world.

In addition, there are many outdoor activities to do very close to the main cities. For example, Calgary is only an hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains. Vancouver is also in close proximity to the spectacular North Shore Mountains and the waterfalls to the south. If you enjoy the outdoors, Canada has a lot to offer.

Climate in Canada

In Canada, the climate depends on the province in which you settle. If you live in northern Canada, you can expect very cold weather and a summer that lasts less than two months. The warmest climate can be found in the southern border provinces where most Canadians live. In general, you need to be prepared for very cold weather and hot weather in all seasons!

Are You Interested in Migrating to Canada as a Merchandiser?

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